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How is Corru-Fill
Corru-Fill® is made from old and
excess corrugated boxes diverted
from landfills. A machine simply
shreds the recycled corrugated
boxes into small strips. 
Its unique matchstick-like design
creates a lattice which holds your
fragile valuables suspended in the
center of your box, surrounded 360
degrees by cushioned cardboard.
This cardboard "packing straw"
won’t shift, move or creep inside.
With no movement, your item is
protected on all sides. 
Fact Sheet
Tired of messing with shipping peanuts? Worried about the ecological 
impact of petrochemical packing products? Read on!
Why switch to Corru-Fill
It is economical, 100% biodegrad-
able, environmentally friendly, re-
duces landfill waste, increases the
life of trees and it safely ships 
practically any item! 
Corru-Fill® is immediately reusable
by the receiver or it can be recy-
cled with other household recycling
100% Biodegradable
Absorbent, so it contains leaks
when being shipped.
Static free. Great for shipping 
electrical and computer components.
Doesn’t settle or crumble.
Handles ANY weight!
Eliminates need to double box.
Reduces breakage.
Available in a variety of bag sizes.
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